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We receive new calls from commercial property owners that have minor repair and maintenance issues.  Often, building owners fear the worst and ask for replacement costs.  Replacing a commercial roof is not always necessary.  Over the years commercial roofing products have been designed to last; however, time can take its toll on an installation.  Without annual roof maintenance--leaks may occur.

Our experience allow us the ability to save our customer's money by simple leak detection and repair.  Our methods for commercial roof repair and finding leaks work--period.  

We follow a simple process with every leak.  

1.  We inspect the areas of water infiltration visually

2.  We inspect the roof visually.

3.   If there are no obvious access points for water we stage a typical rain by applying water to the roof.

4.  If we still do not find an immediate point of entry, we move on to thermal imaging.

5.  After the infiltration is detected we produce a repair scenario that will provide immediate and long term results.

Thermal imaging

Using infrared imaging allows us to find hard to see leaks.  To simplify the process, we start by choosing a good solar window.  This means we choose the best time of day to take our measurements.  We like to see a drastic change from hot to cold or cold to hot.  This generally happens at dusk after the roof cools (the sun sets).  We use our thermal imager to measure the temperature of the roof surface.  After placing temperatures into a grid on paper, we can see what areas of the roof have the highest temperature differentials.  When water is trapped in a roof system it stays warmer than the rest of the system as the temperature cools.  The areas of the highest differentials are the areas we mark as suspect of infiltration (or at least the result of the infiltration).  Once our areas are marked--we use a core test and moisture meter to find the leaks.

Our team of professionals is highly skilled in the roofing trade.  We have the ability to detect hard to find leaks.  Many times we can service a roof repair and make a system last much longer than expected.  Saving cash flow is our priority.

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