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Sustainable Roof Systems


Our liquid applied roofing solutions could be the perfect fit for your budget.  Many roof systems in place can be restored at a fraction of the cost of replacing the roof.  We install silicone coatings.  We tend to stay away from the acrylic coatings, as they break down with with ponding water and ultra violet radiation.  We are certified applicators for GACO Western.  We have installed and provided numerous commercial property owners with long-standing silicone roofs accompanied by the manufacturer system warranty.  We can provide 10, 15 or 20 year system warranties from GACO Western.


It all starts with the assessment of the commercial roof.  We have to be certain that a roof coating is a good fit for the current roof in place.  We always check to be certain the the roof system is adhered or fastened properly and will not be going anywhere over time.  If the roof is sound structurally--we move on to moisture testing.  It is always best for us to perform a thermal scan to be certain that there is no moisture trapped in the roof system.  We also perform a pre qualification inspection with the manufacturer if the job is to be backed by a system warranty.  There are roofs that are not considered great candidates for restoration; however, we have many other retrofit options if our client does not want to completely replace the roof down to the deck.

After the roof is prequalified for a roof coating, the installation process begins.  We start by cleaning the roof with a solution manufactured by Gaco Western.  We apply extra formula and scrub the areas of the roof that have ground in dirt.  Pressure washing is imperative in the cleaning process.  Once the roof is clean and dry, we apply a two-part epoxy primer.  After the primer has dried we prepare all penetrations and any necessary seams for install.  We have the capability to add slope with spray polyurethane foam behind  curbs and RTU's.  We then apply fibered silicone to these areas.  Once the prep work has dried we install the desired thickness of the S2000 silicone coating.  We install by mils (1/100 of an inch) to achieve thickness per warranty.   Our 10 year warranty starts at 22 mils (dry mils).  


We are qualified to spray apply silicone coatings.  Silicone can travel though the air by wind up to 100 yards without dissipating.  This can cause catastrophic issues for commercial building owners with parking lots and busy walkways.  We have worked very hard to achieve a process for roll applying our roof coatings without losing any labor cost value for our customers.  We pump all of our coatings to the roof-top using specialized equipment.  Our calculated process allows us to keep our labor costs lower than our competitors.  We also use all in-house labor for our applications.  We do not use sub-contractors.


Installing a commercial roof coating can save a building owner thousands of dollars.  We have had multiple occasions when our experience in designing a best fit roof coating has saved a client up to $100,000.00.  We do not have a large commissioned salesforce--so selling the most expensive roof is not on our agenda.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to give them a long-lasting roof while guarding their cash flow like it was our own.  


Our silicone roof system warranties cover ponding water!